Don’t love ‘em

Tukey and goatInghams Enterprises may have established its reputation as the “Love ‘em” family farm, but this has been severely damaged following the ABC’s Lateline program which showed the extent of cruelty and sadism among Ingham workers. Turkeys on their way to slaughter were shown being kicked, stomped on and slammed against walls and machinery as workers laughed and encouraged each other.

The footage was provided by Animal Liberation NSW and has been passed on to NSW police.

One of the founders of Inghams, Bob Ingham sold the poultry business earlier this month to private equity firm TPG for $880 million. The company, which is Australia’s biggest poultry producer, sells one in three chickens in Australia and generates annual revenue of $2.2 billion.

This latest incident in production line cruelty to animals has given weight to the call for CCTVs to be mandatory in all processing plants.


2 thoughts on “Don’t love ‘em

  1. I totally agree! The sooner these degenerates realise they’re accountable for their actions, the sooner we can be sure we’re not supporting companies that stand by while innocent animals are tortured!

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