Nigel the pig makes the front page

You have to love the Herald Sun. Elections are looming, wars are raging, disasters are befalling. But the front page story today lead with Pork Pest Pounces about a pig on a “rampage” in suburban Seaford . An HS photographer was on an assignment when he noticed a large pig “skulking” down the road, pursued by a man with a large stick who was apparently trying to herd the boar. A couple of other blokes came out to see what was happening and the pig, Nigel, (2 and a half years old and 250 kg) objected to the interference and “savaged” and “gored” one of the men. How you can gore someone if you don’t have tusks is beyond me, but there you go. The photographer had some interesting pix, so they had to have a story.
Here is Nigel on the rampage: Nigel 1

Here is Nigel rampaging again – or perhaps falling in love? nigel2 (I confess this is from Nigel’s Facebook page – yes, everyone really is on FB)

This is Nigel “staring down our photographer” NIgel3

And then Nigel attacked.
Nigel ear pull

Possibly because he didn’t like having his ears pulled.

Fortunately common sense prevailed and Nigel was not branded dangerous, partly due to the laid back response of his bitee (who received a 25cm gash from the bite). He did mutter: “You don’t expect to be gored by a pig on a Sunday afternoon”, which made us wonder when was a reasonable time to expect such an occurrence. The local council wanted an immediate investigation but the bitee had no desire to see Nigel punished. “At the end of the day, it’s not the pig’s fault,” he said.

Nigel was given a strict talking to by his owner, Edward, as you can see here: Pig Follow Up
“He’s a good boy — he’s part of our family,” Edward said. “He’d sit on the lounge with me watching TV. I’d eat a chip, he’d eat a chip. He loves Weet-Bix, chocolate biscuits and Coke. My wife used to dress him in clothing.”
However Edward concedes that Nigel might be better off in a less urban setting, so Nigel is heading off to a stud farm in Sea Lake to frolic with some lady pigs. Where he will no doubt be happy as a pig in:
Pig Follow Up


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