Guns are the Trojan horse of the US

As the latest mass shooting in the US unfolded, rumours flew that there were possibly three gunmen involved sparking debate that this was a terrorist attack. It wasn’t. It was just another example of the high toll citizens pay for their right to bear arms. The 13 latest deaths bring to 175 the number of citizens murdered in 20 mass shootings, just since Barack Obama came into office in 2009. The optimism of “yes, we can” has become a mournful whisper that “no, I guess we can’t”.

If terrorists really want to bring down the USA, they don’t need to spend the time and resources on blockbuster bombing plots, they just need to support the NRA.

To understand what advocates of change are up against, it’s always worth returning to The Daily Show’s brilliant three part analysis of the issue. Rob Borbridge is a star. And I have to admit, it made me proud of John Howard and I never thought those words would fly off my fingers! Woth watching all three eps.


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