Squeaky Wheel takes people to the art

We had the pleasure of joining the fabulous Squeaky Wheel’s MoreArt Welcome Ride to celebrate the MoreArt launch. This wonderful annual Public Art Show which runs from 6 October – 10 November, is put on by the Moreland City Council and showcases a contemporary art exhibition appearing in unusual public sites along the Upfield rail and bike precinct in Moreland.


It’s probably not fair to single out particular artists, but these ones really caught our attention and we’ll be back for a second viewing.


These eyecatching worms are from Marynes Avila. She usually works in multiples, check out some of her other creations on her webpage

Aaron James McGarry, has crafted a small colony of koalas from recycled plastic bags, called I adopted a Koala, called: third drawer down and the koalas can be seen in the gum trees of the Victoria Street mall, Coburg.

Aaron James McGarry and one of his plastic bag koalas

Aaron James McGarry and one of his plastic bag koalas

Aaron said he spends about two full days crafting each koala, first creating a wire sculpture, then tying on hundreds of plastic bags before cutting and fraying them to mimic the texture of fur. An adult male requires around 500 bags.

Read more: about Aaron on his blog.

The Winged Collective is a Melbourne-based artistic team consisting of Dana Falcini and Cara Gottgens and their work usually focuses on the environment with an urban twist.

In this installation, Cocoon Arabic Species, they said they are representing “the noxious by-products of consumer culture” with the ubiquitous polystyrene coffee cups. The used cups form slightly creepy looking cocoons in this abandoned toilet on the Moreland Railway station. During each day, a little pile of coffee grounds appears under the cocoons – “secreted” from these organisms.

To add to the creepiness (and fascination) of the piece, if you listen quietly at the gate, you can hear a faint heartbeat and the sound of breathing coming from the cocoons. Mesmerising!


Dana and Cara of the Winged Collective

Dana and Cara of the Winged Collective

Check out the Winged Collective’s blog. You’ll be able to see them in Perth next year at Sculptures by the Sea.

A political history of Egypt created by Phil Soliman from dried fava beans, plywood and a prayer rug. These 1:400 scale replicas of the three main Gaza pyramids in Egypt are made largely of fava beans.

Phil says many Egyptians, including his own family, live in poverty and rely on cheap, high-protein foods such as the beans, in order to survive, thanks to the economic mismanagement and corruption of successive governments. Phil’s installation suggests a comparison of current Egyptian politics with the long and brutal subjugation of the lower classes by successive Pharaohs in ancient times. The rocks which are lying near the installation have been thrown by random people, possibly trying to figure out if the pyramids would collapse if hit, but Phil just shrugs at the attempted vandalism and says it’s quite in keeping with the theme and is part of the installation now.


For more on Phil visit http://www.philsoliman.com


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