The Planners of Brunswick Part One

One of the problems with local government is that many councils either can’t afford, or simply don’t value, planners. Brunswick is, of course, the apple of our eye, but some of the planning decisions are so quirky that they must be ironic, not surprising given the surfeit of hipsters in the area.
Example one: On the Bench to Nowhere
Nowhere bench
Thanks to Guy for pointing this one out. Some genius thought that despite the fact that one hundred metres away you can see acres and acres of scenic parklands, the best place to put a bench was by a roundabout, facing the power substation. It’s not even a bus stop – just a bench for those wanting to contemplate the brick wall.

Example Two: Current signage
old sign
Letting us know a change was coming into force from Feb 1999. Seriously?

Example Three: Salmon welcome
Salmon welcome
While we generally love signs that give cyclists special privileges, the problem with this one is that the motorists coming towards you don’t know you are salmoning legally, so they heap abuse on you for riding the wrong way down a one way street.

and this is just the beginning …


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